Fourrure et poils

Mon petit bichon maltais âgé de deux ans se lèche les poils des pattes avant, ce qui lui teinte le poil légèrement en orangé/rouge. D’où cela peut-il provenir?

Réponse du docteur-vétérinaire Michel Klein

Deux hypothèses :

a) Douleurs aux articulations des boulets, en rapport avec sa croissance, voyez s’il y a une déviation dans l’axe des membres et les pieds

b) il se peut que ce soit un léchage d’étiologie psychique, quelque chose qui le contrarie.



I have a 14 month female Alaskan Malamute, who we love very much. I just don’t know what to do about certain things, and am at my wits end. We were told that if a malamute is brushed at least 2x a week that you should not have a problem with shedding. I brush her daily and still have 2 carpets in my home, one which is a rug and the other being Malamute hair. Is this something to be expected all the time or just for the first 2 years she is considered to being a puppy?


answer : what food do you give? Some produce bad hair. It is not normal you have so much shed.

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