L. E. Waters (GB) This review is from: Gentle Dog Training (Paperback)

5.0 out of 5 stars Gentle, not soft, 22 Nov 2007

I’ve read them all – and got something out of most of them – but this is the definitive dog training book. The tone is just right (Hasbrouck treats his readers like intelligent beings who have things to learn about the ways of dogs and not imbeciles who need their noses rubbed in their own inadequacies!) The content is wide-ranging and thorough, with good mix of science and good old common sense.

I recognised my mistakes on every page but, more importantly, came away from the book with optimism. Even an old dog, he tells us, can be trained and no dog is irretrievable.

For practical advice backed up with science and psychology, this is the one. But don’t read soft for gentle – Hasbrouck may not advocate beating and shouting but he shows his readers how to be the undisputed boss in the relationship and he takes no prisoners!

if you’ve tried the rest and still have problems, or if you are simply interested in dog training methods, this is one for you.


‘There’s only one way to train an unruly dog: with gentleness… fascinating foray into the behavioural workings of your gundog.’ — ‘Shooting Times’

‘Of interest to experienced dog trainers and beginners alike… Excellent’. — ‘Dog Training Weekly’