Unexpected introduction !
f…m@edifax.com Gosh ! I had a very good laugh tonight !!!
Yes, I DID go to your french site, as I understand and speak french, and unlike before, went in every page (took me few hours of reading everything) but it was WELL worthwhile !!!
I went to both sections (French and English) just in case some stuffs would be slightly different… Your page with « free advice » was very long, but boy ! Did I roll out of my chair laughing on the floor !!!
I wish I could be the person in your office reading all those e-mails AND listening to your comments !!!
 You may want to start audio-recording those and add the audio version on your site or sell them onto a cd !!!! I would even buy that cd and listen to it, in a heart beat, while fighting the traffic on the Interstate !!!
THANK YOU !!! You made my day !
I have 4 restless boys (harder to control that my sharpla !), and some nights (like tonight), are a bit hectic…  So, once everyone went to bed, I went to check out your site….. in details this time !…. just to see what your center was about …  I never expected to jump on such a funny ride !  
My shitty evening turned into a great night, just thanks to that page !!!!
Please, DO keep us informed about your e-mails and your responses !!! I will definitely make sure that I go to check on your site every time BEFORE I loose my temper too much with my family members !  
This page alone is a better therapy than going to a shrink !… Anyway… Just to let you know that I did enjoy it a whole lot !… Take care, Emmanuelle Pitt, Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA

answer : when I think I believed I was doing a serious job… And you must know that I write by myself all the answers on my computer keyboard with my small fingers, I dictate nothing in my office, as I have no office!

and others

I may say that before writing to you, I had wolfed down all the articles on all subjects on your website(and I do not bark). I love your humor, specially when you propose to change boyfriend instead of changing dog. Dogs are very lucky to have such a friend as you. A very big thankyou  you.françoise.fierens@utmontreal.ca 

Once again thank you for your quick and pertinent answers brigitte-fosse@wanadoo.fr 

I have to say thank you for all the efforts you are doing for our four-legged companions(dogs). I understand you have a very broad and understanding mind for our truest companions. I am sure that if dogs could talk, they will thank you by themselves. This is why I do this for them. So, please do not feel mad about me and a thousand   chlapou@yahoo.fr 

Thanks again for your advice! Your website is really sympathetic! It seems you are loved by everybody and your advice are very user friendly. You do not mince your words, but this has the merit to be clear and efficient. I will take the best of your last advice for my dog as soon as I can! Cordially, Mrs. Le Gall isabelle.le-gall@justice.fr 

You website is genial, and we can spend hours in discoveriesthere.dominique.sorte@skynet.be

 I have sent the link to your website to many of my friends who have dogs. This is the best I have found, because it explains and does not give orders. virginie.sar1@free.fr 

Your website is the best one I have found 😉 thank youtetard_026@hotmail.com

I am delighted to have discovered your extremely interesting website.

I will die exhausted tomorrow, but I am not able to disconnect 


k…l@nu.edu  Thank you for your help I will start using your advice ASAP, if I have any other trouble don’t worry I will not send a lot of stupid questions to you