Dog and puppy training, no saussage, no pellet, no clicker, no electric or gas collar, no insult to the dog’s and his master’s smart brains ! Only good old sense and a real know-how, with true fast results.

Michel’s method is revolutionary in the world of dogs, very close to what the school of Palo Alto teaches in the world of humans. Alain Brisach, associate therapist to the Gregory Bateson Institute, La Brillanne, France. 

‘Tenderness dog training’ is not only a major discovery in the dog field, but for psychology in general. Jonathan Deniel, Human sciences university, Reims, France. 

The dog training method Michel has had the genius to finalize sets or resets, in one day and a half, dog and dog owner in a deep harmonious relation. Philippe Mongrolle, Verrières le Buisson.

The method is fabulous. Sylvie Brochard, twice French truffle finding champion with to different dogs, Dijon, France.


You wish you have a plain pleasant dog, or simply want to learn how to do well with your new puppy : just contact us.
From puppy to elder dog, there is always something to do!
We never let down a client after a basic dog training stage. For the dog’s life long, nothing more to pay for any update lesson in this dog’s training, whatever the new problem could be.