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Dogtrainer extraordinaire.  Jean Gill, Someone to look up to, CalliOpress, 2010 

My Golden retriever Aston completed his first 2 days of dog training this week!  I’m totally amazed at his progress so far.  In fact, now I realize it was ME getting the proper training more than him!

My former dog, Jazzmin, had been well trained in my opinion.  However, it took me at least a year to see a real progress. 

In retrospect, had I known what I know now after Hasbrouck work, I could have done much better with her. Craig Weber, San Mateo, California, USA

The day and half I spent training with Michel Hasbrouck is probably the best money I have ever spent. 

Like fools we brought home our first dog, a Great Dane puppy. Matheus and I, as novices, expected to teach him obedience ourselves.  After a couple of days it was clear that we were well on the way to ruining our dog, who has a naturally wonderful calm temperament, with our silly orders and stressful “routine” derived from fashionable books of the “lure/treat/reward” variety.

Luckily we found Michel’s website and he was able to respond immediately. 

His method is smart, practical and logical.  Most of all it de-stresses the owner; no orders to give, no endless commands to remember and argue over with your partner and no worrying about the conflicting advice of a myriad of “experts”. 

But most of all, no bags of treats and toys to carry around so that you are locked in an endless cycle of bribing your dog to obey. 

Imagine a child that’s bribed endlessly with sweets & toys – what kind of monster would that make? So why did we think it was right to do it to a dog?  

It is hard to describe the degree of Zen calm that has descended on our home since Matheus and I followed Michel’s day and a half of training. 

I would highly recommend to anyone with a dog that they book a session with Michel.  I’m so glad we found him as quickly as we did; Matheus is too.   Della Weight , Geneva, Switzerland

Hi Michel, the training has been going really well, and my Irish setter Pepper seems like a much happier little guy, which is so great to see, thank you !!! Caroline Black, Lausanne

A day and a half! Doesn’t sound much, could it be sufficient to change anything at all? I had my doubts, but on the advice of the breeder I finally made the appointment with you Michel Hasbrouck, The DogMaster.

We arrived my pup, a spirited Irish Terrier and I, full of expectation and a little trepidation.

The first challenge arrived, it was mine; I saw my pup in a totally new light. He was quite suddenly responsive, attentive and clear in his responses to his new temporary master in a way he had never been with me.

He had a certainty which I’d never seen before. 

My everyday experience is governed by the necessity to commune in a language not my own; frustration and limitation have been long time companions. 

In a clear moment I saw evidence that my pup had been doing the same the long month we had spent alone together. 

The DogMaster’s communication was clear; there was little room for misunderstanding which gave rise to none.  I was truly amazed.

The second challenge was also mine.  Could I learn how to communicate as clearly?  By day two we had established that yes I could. 

It is impossible to explain how profound the change.  In this method there is naturalness, an innateness, which once embraced requires no more “learning”. 

We  took our leave finally, neither of us really the same, we took with us something very precious, a melding between man and dog, a complicity, new and exciting as it is rich, which speaks of possibilities hitherto unexpected.

We have, I hope, a long way to travel together my dog and I; I know today we will meet our challenging tomorrows together. 

Often one hears that there is nothing stronger than love, maybe at the essence of this method the reward, the payment, offered is love, for us it’s proved to be mighty experience.

And after all of this you arrive at an understanding that once you open the door by calling the DogMaster, He ensures that you always find it open to you.

It was the debut of what is an ongoing everyday experience, a lesson, an exposure to another way of thinking that I would and have already confidently recommend as a must to others, no matter how old the partnership, man and dog.

Thank you, all who received us. Now I love walking at night alongside my dog and I thank Michel Hasbrouck for that.

The « down » command, now puts my dog instantly to sleep! (Escapism?!) BUT he listens to me. He may not understand me but he is always attentive to me!

The coaching I received, teasing out the capacity to think anew has given us much!

Jackie Lavigne, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine

One of the best experts in the dog field, it’s Michel Hasbrouck. Marie-Raphaëlle Ginon, breeder, ‘plaine d’Astrée’, Beauce shepherds and Great Pyreneans http://www.la-plaine-astree.com

I thought it was clever to give a dog orders and for her to carry them out; after my course of ‘Dressage Tendresse’ I know how to build on a relationship with my dog in which she understands what I want and does it without orders.

This is a different level of dog training and it is not the magic it seems. It is good technique, exceptionally well taught.

It’s as if my  Pyrenean puppy of four and a half months is now saying, ‘Hey I’m a big girl now. I’ve been on ‘Dressage Tendresse’, I can do a down-stay of 30 minutes and I have masters who know what they’re doing (even if they’re not as good as uncle Hasbrouck), so why should I be scared of anything.

Car-rides? Easy peasy’.
She was car-sick going the 5 hour drive to Switzerland for training and didn’t even drool on the way back home.

This shows a bigger change in how she feels about her world, and yes, it was achieved in one and a half day with a good dog, who is going to be a great dog. Thank you Michel.  Jean Gill, http://jeangill.perso.orange.fr/aauthor.htm  Llanelli, Wales, GB

Hi Michel, thanks for your help the other Sunday. I wish I could say my beagle Dick was as good here as he was with me, you around, but he is getting better every day. Anyway we need to get some insurance can you recommend a policy? Best regards, Fiona McGregor, Courchevel

« Eliott has lost no personality, he is now reasonable and obedient, learning how to control his flame. As for myself, I learned to « talk dog » : a real communication has settled between my fox terrier and me.

I sincerely thank  Michel Hasbrouck and his team for their competence, their kindness and their warm welcome.   Frédérique Degorce, DVM,  Maisons-Alfort

« Souvenir of Oslo schooling in Les Essarts le Roi. We are very satisfied. He makes steady progresses. He is already a new Afghan windhound. Best wishes and thanks to you all. A. & J.C. Invernici, Paris

« Thanks to Michel Hasbrouck who allowed me to become a champion when I learned with him how to present myself on shows.  » Gaïa-Isis », of Graziella & Pascal Dupont-Druart, french bulldog amateur  breeding « Le domaine des ormes », Séry-Magneval FR

Several months ago now Harmony has been taught with the Michel Hasbrouck method. Results are there. After super results in shows,  CAC + CACIB + Best of Breed, she has won « Best in Show » in the french national breeding main show.

We were waiting for the last club magazine to tell you that. Thanks again for this famous success. Alain Renvoisé & Stéphanie Cottebrune, english cockers « Domaine de Makno », Mamers, FR

I am bent on congratulating you for the the very warm welcome you offer, and the quality of your « gentle dog training »concept, which has proven very efficient on my Bernese Rapso, specially concerning obedience and quietness.

I will be pleased to spread the news about your work and your team excellence. Alain Naiderman, Montlhéry, FR

Bravo and thank you for the welcome and the friendliness, for the coffee and, more than anything else, for the extraordinary and mega-efficient work done on my bull terrier and german shepherd dogs. Agnès Tichtinsky, Etampes, FR

Ho-Fei is now over 10 years old. She’s an obedient, lovable and very stable Golden Retriever. This has not always been the case.

When she was a pup, her behavior was scaring. She looked spooky, fearful, and that made her a little aggressive.

We had a commitment with Michel Hasbrouck, who gave us a confident feeling. Several lessons later, Ho-Fei became what she still is, « the love of a Golden ».

So, Michel Hasbrouck is definitely no God, but miracles, he knows. Thousands of thanks, friendship.  Corinne and Stanislas Choiseau, Thiais, FR

I have to thank you infinitely for the work you did till now for mother, rottweiler Khado and me. I have a tremendous respect for the work you are doing with dogs and owners. Respectfully, and thank you again. Sabine Bathore, London, GB

We bought that Saint-Bernard without really thinking about her power. This dog was bursting out with love. She suffered of an excessive vitality. She condemned us to live somehow away from family an friends.

An important decision was to be taken : dog training. But with who?.. We were very upset when we arrived at Michel Hasbrouck’s center.

We have been very warmly welcome and comforted by the team. Of course the dog needed education, but owners too!

After two working sessions, result is astonishing. Our companion has now her marks inside the family. Walks prove pleasant all the time.

We just have one regret : we should have had our dog trained by Michel earlier. Pierrette and Rémy Boisdevot, Orléans, FR

Good morning Mr. Hasbrouck – I would like to thank you very much for the very surprising and interesting lessons you gave to my Lhassa Apso Nelson and myself. 
I enjoyed every minute because your outlook of instructing a dog is so different from the current style. Catherine Jendt-Keller, Préverenges, CH

Sometimes I feel like being useful.
And loved…