UNEXPECTED INTRODUCTION 19 oct 2002 m…@edifax.com f … Oh, I had a good laugh last night! Yes, this time, I entered your site, and I looked at every page (it took me several hours to read everything) but well worth it!I went on both sides (French and English) in case there would be written different things.

Your page « free advice » is very long, but, phew! I almost fell off my chair I laughed so much! I want to be that of your collaborators who receives e-mails and listen to your answers!

You should start to save, and add the audio version on your site or sell it on CD. I would buy it and I listen to the beating heart, while I am struggling in traffic on the highway … Thank you! Thanks to you, I had a good day!

I have four boys tireless (harder to control my Charplaninatz), and some nights (like tonight) are a little power. Then, once everyone was in bed, I went to your site, to watch ….. In detail this time! … Just to see what looked like your canine center …I did not expect at all to ride too funny!

My crappy evening turned into a great night, thanks only to the « free advice » that I read!If you please, SEND ME emails and your responses! I finally decided to go on your site whenever I feel I’ll get angry against members of my family!

Your page alone is a better therapy than a visit to a shrink! … E … e … t P, Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA

Answer:  I thought I was seriously working … I hit myself the answers on my keyboard, with my little fingers. I do not dictate anything to anyone!

and others:

fr…@utmontreal.ca I can tell you that before you write, I had already devoured all articles about all topics on your site (and I not bark). Loved your humor, especially when you propose to change the boyfriend instead of the dog. The dogs were very lucky to have a friend like you. A big thank you

br…@wanadoo.fr Again thank you for your answers as quickly as relevant cu…@yahoo.fr thank you for all your efforts you are doing for our four legged friends (dogs) you must have a broad mind and very understanding to our most loyal companions. I’m sure if they would thank you for talking dogs themselves, this is why I do it for them so do not be angry with me too and many thanks

is…@justice.fr Thanks again for your advice! This is a really nice site! Apparently you are loved by everyone and your tips are very friendly. You do not mince words in some cases, but it has the merit of being clear and effective. I will practice your last advice for my dog at the first opportunity!

do…@skynet.be Your site is great and you can spend hours in discoveries te26@hotmail.com your site is the best I’ve found thank you

vi…@free.fr I sent the link to your site to many of my friends who have dogs. It’s the best I’ve found because it explains and does not order.

de…@free.fr I am delighted to have stumbled upon your site extremely interesting! I’ll be dead tired tomorrow but I can not disconnect.

Response: thank you, I embrace you all. But sometimes, I receive some nasty words anyway …

Proof: the « muzzle shellclip » Subject: scandalised

SC@hotmail.com, 22Mar2005 I am outraged by your advice that are just stupid! Please reassure me, tell me that all this is a joke and not serious advice. How can you advise to topic: castration to this lady to a musolière his young bitch when this threat!

This is not the way to dominate a dog! Already you did not answer his question, so I would do it for you: aggression is not related to sterilization.

The dog is only 5 months she is still immature, so it has a character suggesting it could be an adult vantage point, it probably did not, so it’s not too late for him learn that dominates, that is, his masters!

At nearly a vet or a qualified educator, it is possible to know the different important points of domination. Finally, his grunts, he held only when playing with toys are perhaps not to interpret as aggression, they may have left their games, so any time it leaves not its owners to take up his toys or other objects it takes is through education and prioritization of this bitch that we must settle the problem but certainly not with a musolière that would solve the problem there !

MH Answer : I’m impressed to discover how you know so many things about dogs ! Fortunately you are there …

SC@hotmail.com you do not answer my question: are you serious? and if so what is your qualification to advise people?

MH Answer I agree with you, a « musolière » solves nothing! Besides, I do not know what it is. You should learn some basics, we say « muzzle ».

From: « Agnes Tichtinsky » to « Michel Hasbrouck » March 23, 2005

I bet she’s blonde!

From: A Romhiffa 23Mar 2005 That one, she has not often had to enter the arena … what a bitch!

MH Answer Hello, here is the reaction of two of my staff, I always put a copy for them of all my responses to emails I receive. Because they, they are experts in dog, they have saved hundreds. With the help of my muzzles, which have nothing to do with the ones you find in every store. Anyway, I do not know if I will know one day the dogs correctly …

But I recognize the passion of the dog at home. Passion. And you think that we are not passionate, we?

You probably have never lost sleep and eat because of a dog. We, though, often. But it is true that you are a recognized expert …

SC@hotmail.com With the term « outrage », I may have used too strong a word. I was not trying to insult you but to warn you that it is very dangerous to treat a case of dominance aggression in this way, because the risk for this dog is a behavioral pathology is known as sociopathy.

In a way, I am pleased that my message has offended you, since in the latter response you show me your affection for dogs. I think the muzzle can not be the correct answer or at least enough to many of your advice.

And if I look like a « lady I know everything » it is that I have the scientific background to, since I am a veterinarian in France ! You know nothing of my « passion » for dogs and my sleepless nights trying to save. So at least accept criticism in a more humble, not without contempt and insult to me!

From: « Michel Hasbrouck » to « network dogmasters » 24 Mar2005 I stop answering

From: « Alain BRISACH » to SC@hotmail.com » 24 Mar2005 Madam, I am also a contributor to Mr. Hasbrouck, and I’m sorry to take the discussion to the fly.

From the messages I’ve received, you begin the discussion by: < < I am outraged by your advice that are just stupid! >> I’m not saying you are wrong on substance, you know a lot more than me, and I can not contradict you.

However, do you think this is the best way to start a relationship with someone? I hear this instead as a declaration of war, what do you think? Would you have liked to receive such a sentence in the preamble? Personally, I would have been hurt.

Now, will you allow me to go a little further back, by asking your indulgence? I do not know much, but I may speak under your benevolent control. In terms of sociopathy, it seems to me that the people who introduced this term in France did so by referring to the DSM III, used to describe human disease models in traditional psychotherapy.

These models of traditional psychotherapy, from a causal paradigm that prevailed and the establishment of the DSM, are increasingly challenged and considered less effective, except for therapists who use them.

As you know, for over fifty years have developed other practices, referring more or less directly to the systemic. I will not insult you to revisit the basics from the works of Bateson, Watzlawick, Erickson, even if you allow me such assimilation on the latter.

Campan, in his book on ethology systemic, offers a richer history. I prefer to refer, if you agree, to Nardone, who has been developing for twenty years a systems approach – constructivism -, in line with the work of Watzlawick.

Under the CTS of Arezzo, Nardone publishes a follow up of his work, referring to several hundred patients treated according to the constructivist approach – . He says « there is a known problem with the solution brought to him » and uses no prior definition to describe various diseases faced by his patients.

And put into perspective, the term « sociopath », applied to the dog, introduced by Beata or Pageat, loses some of its relevance. What do you think? And if, in the tradition of Nardone, we started from the assumption, sometimes oh so uncomfortable that the dog is healthy?

I will concede that such a claim must be verified in medical terms, what is the essence of your practice.

Let us assume the hypothesis that a veterinarian has made the necessary examinations to ensure that the animal does not suffer any physical disorder. The dog is healthy, and adapts himself to the context producing the trouble he develops. Models skinnerians and equivalents are there a little outdated, and here we are in the world so intriguing of strategic inter-specific communication, for which you are a specialist asserted as a veterinarian.

As we agreed, we will not talk deutero-learning introduced by Bateson, especially in the experiment with K. Pryor and dolphins on the creative double bind.

A wonder, do you not agree?

In this context, to suggest wearing a muzzle, not to provide a solution, but to reassure teachers and therefore alter the interactions between teachers and the animal may be relevant.

Do not you think? Indeed, returning to the systemic paradigm – constructivism, we do not seek simply to provide a solution, which does not constitute a change, and that you know so much better than me, young apprentice trainer.

We seek to disrupt the attempts of solution usually employed by the masters, and have helped strengthen the strategies developed by the animal, which strategies are problematic, precisely to the master.

And so our technique leads to dramatic changes, almost immediate, strategic Nardone looks like, or, closer to home, Wittezaele. I should say Malarewicz, since Beata, Pageat, Weiss, Mege, … refer to them constantly.

As you say at the end, we share the same passion, which can only help to strengthen the links between us. I hope this memo will help, and excuse my mistakes, I am only a beginner in the school opened by Mr. Hasbrouck.A humble dog enthusiast. Sincerely, Alain Brisach

Of « Alain BRISACH » to « Michel Hasbrouck » 24 Mar2005 Michel, excuse me for not being able to restrain myself from responding. Regards, Alain

SC@hotmail.com » to « Alain BRISACH » 24 Mar2005 As only fools never change their opinion, but if someone says stupid things for me it was not the same value of insult.

Your speech reassures me, my previous question being whether there were skills behind the boards that I feel a little short and that made all reference to wearing a muzzle. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that in the case of a dog at 5 months with the grunts muzzle few hours is too short an answer and I think risky.

Certainly, we use the term sociopathy improperly, but if I mentioned this term it is that, during my veterinary studies, I was taught to pay close attention to possible risks of aggression by owners from their pet.

And it seemed to me important to warn you about raccoursis in your advice. My way to do it was probably awkward, but it is possible to respond to people without insulting them or look down, as did the messages I received. I do not want to quarrel, I hope that dog owners looking for advice can find good, either with their veterinarian, a teacher or a website.

Of « Romhiffa » to SC@hotmail.com » 23Mar 2005 Hello, first, I have deep respect for the true good vets, and they are much too rare for my taste. Many people who call themselves « veterinarian », or even, « veterinary behaviorist, » when they are not miraculously « trainer behaviorist, » do use long term Clomicalm and other products.

However, many drugs to change behavior have side effects harmful to health, as anyone can read in the newspapers right now, about products that would have caused mass-suicides.

Meanwhile, these practitioners seek to make teachers guilty of the problem facing the dog, with blows of « be firm!  »

The master result in the beating of the culprit, or the taking of the animal by the scruff of the neck, which will not help matters, since sooner or later the dog will bite or rebite.

And then, miraculously, the sharp sting soothing  ultimately happens on the table for discussion. The master is afraid of his dog, the dog bites and presto! A helping of euthanasia … So simple, right?

The muzzle, which, in your opinion, does not offer any calming effect and / or caregiver, is seen in this case as a tool for the dog, the master, and of course the professional trainer to overcome gradually the sake of bite (s) without further calming chemical.

So, before shouting « I’m outraged, » turn your school beliefs a little in question. Read the guestbook dogmasters.com site, and find that the euthanasia of a dog having bitten is not the only solution.

There’s ANOTHER. We rescue dogs often described as lost, to the delight of owners but also for the LIFE of the dog. And for our own happiness.

I take my German Shepherd for proof. Nobody approached me, humans or dogs. Veterinarians and behaviorists told me she was euthanasiable. Clubs, ah well, let’s talk about them, I went to visit 9.

All the people I met told me « you have to agonize your dog, tie it to a tree and take it until he chokes, . There’s nothing else to do it. At four years old she must be stung. « I passes, and best …

Today, my dog is 13 years old, she is sociable and fun with dogs like humans. In two days, her aggression problem was really solved by Michel Hasbrouck, without blows and cries. Are you better? YES? Prove it to me!

SC@hotmail.com » to « collaborator Michel Hasbrouck » 24Mar2005 As I tell one of your colleagues who also gave me an answer. I find myself reassured by your message because some advice I had read had made me fear for I have found to be large raccoursis apparently but behind there is a real skill and it is primarily why I wanted to know.

As I said in another mesage, I admit I have not well explained and made a hasty judgment from what I read. By cons I ask you, please, not to put all veterinarians in one basket, it’s like in any profession, you can meet people more or less competent in a particular field.

And finally, I agree to say that insult is not a solution! If instead of taking me high, your first answers were of the order of the one you just made me, would it not have been better.

I am always happy to meet people who help animals, as I want to do every day of my life. And again I do not want you take me for a veterinary euthanasia easy and I know I’m not alone.

It is not because we take a step back to the customer that we do not suffer when we have to shorten the suffering of a dog. Your argument on this approach with a muzzle is the answer I wanted to receive from the beginning and not insults.

We were all upset by our respective emails, not wanting a war but rather thinking that we all work towards improving the lives of dogs and their masters, I’m glad we could clear things. So thank you for taking the time to answer me correctly.

After all these explanations, I think the best way to show us that your passion is identical to ours, is to send us customers.

*** 11 av 2005 Michel, I read in one section of your site that sometimes, people can hold about unpleasant towards you: I want to tell them that if they knew your qualities: your integrity, your honesty and also your great kindness, and I know what I mean, they would not dare say or write such nonsense. Vincent Bourdon, Eure et Loir


a reference :    http://www.fieldworkny.com/Fieldnotes/current/report.htm (middle of the page)  and

Dear mr Hasbrouck, I have enjoyed your book « gentle dog training » immensely, it is one of the few books on dog behaviour and training that seems to fit with my sensibilities. Although in practical dog training I’m still waiting to become a novice, in theoretical dog literature I’ve studied quite a lot. American, English & Dutch authors and none, with the exception of Cesar Milan, have given me as much insight as you have. Anton Woldhek


Dear Mr Woldhek, thank you for your appreciating my little book. By the way, a difficult dog cannot be controlled with Mr. Milan’s conceptions…

Subject: seek interview with Michel Hasbrouck

Dear Mr. Hasbrouck; My name is Jonathan Field. Working under the name Fieldwork in New York City, I do qualitative research on audiences for American ad and design agencies.  My work is geared to mapping out audience cultures, whether it’s teens, working moms, or any other loosely defined group.  In the past I have done work for brands like Nextel, LL Bean, Sony, Calvin Klein, Disney and GM.  Right now I am launching a web site for Fieldwork. As part of the site, I will have a zine called Fieldnotes, which will cover trends and developments in the larger culture. For the first issue, I was hoping to do a report (downloaded via PDF) interviewing a range of dog experts about Americans and their dogs. I know you’re in France, but it would be interesting to hear from a French expert how Europeans may think of their dogs differently than Americans. I would love ot interview you for this project. Everyone will be attributed and given credit, and I’ll also give links to any books or publications of participants. Given your own work, I was hoping to interview you for this research project. It would be done at your leisure via phone, and before I published anything with your name, I would give you the transcripts to make sure you’re comfortable with what’s being said. Americans are looking to dogs to fulfill something lacking from our communities; namely community, itself. It’s an interesting thesis, and I would really like to get an indepth survey of expert opinion about Americans and their dogs. Thank you so much for the consideration. Jonathan Field, Cultural Strategist, Fieldwork (212) 369-7366

answer : it’s OK for me. Everything seems clear and correct. You can call me in  France day hours. If I do not answer, please call again. My phone ring does not last long!