Quelle race choisir?

Fuyez les chiens peureux !

Quand on veut choisir un chien, on pense d’abord à sa race. Or, aujourd’hui, l’idée de race correspond seulement à un aspect extérieur, pas vraiment à un type de caractère mental.

Et les races ne sont pas encore homogènes. Vieil éleveur expérimenté, j’ai compris depuis longtemps que, dans la même portée, issue d’un seul père, on peut trouver toutes sortes de comportements chez les chiots.

Toute la sélection officielle a été effectuée jusqu’ici sur la « beauté », en négligeant largement les deux points -essentiels- du caractère mental, c’est-à-dire de l’attitude face aux difficultés de la vie, et de la santé durable.

On ne compte plus les races où des animaux très peureux ou perclus de tares de santé qui ont été nommés champions grâce à leur beauté. Et où ils ont largement reproduit. Créant dans le public une large désaffection envers leurs races.

Depuis un demi-siècle, j’ai ainsi vu dégringoler des races qui ont à un certain moment tenu le haut de la mode : berger allemand, cocker, briard, husky. Aujourd’hui, à cause de leur record mondial des morsures enregistrées, les retrievers (labradors, golden) séduisent moins le public.

A cause du même mécanisme, des champions, officiels mais porteurs de tares médicales, ont inondé leur race de problèmes insolubles.

Des portées entières de bergers picards ont disparu par insuffisance pancréatique. Quantité de bergers allemands sont devenus des paralysés jeunes en souffrant de dysplasie de la hanche. Les Yorkshires toys risquent lourd face à l’hypoglycémie. Les colonnes vertébrales des teckels présentent fréquemment de dramatiques faiblesses. Et ainsi de suite.

Or les éleveurs gardent naturellement un discours rassurant : « Pas de tout ça chez moi! »

Renseignez-vous donc avant d’acheter un chien. Tout en vous disant que quand vous achetez du vivant, vous prenez un risque. De la même manière que quand vous achetez une automobile, vous risquez de tirer un mauvais numéro.

Ainsi, en sachant les risques, vous abaissez beaucoup leur probabilité.



one single criterium : never chose a frightful dog !

breed choice

Hi I am looking for a new puppy. I have read everything I can and when I decide on a breed, something pops up to say it’s the wrong dog. It’s really getting difficult. I don’t want to end up with the wrong puppy. As you are experts I thought you may know some good dogs. I need something small to medium. It can’t want to kill my cats and rabbit. It has to be easy to train. It has to have a kind gentle personality. It can’t be too loud when it comes to barking. It has to be able to stay at home for 4 to 5 or more hours (Never over seven hours at a time).  It can’t be overly destructive. It can shed but not to the point where I am breathing in fur. It can be energetic, (I have a big yard and a beach across the road) but not too lively indoors. Over all it must be a nice healhty dog that’s good with the whole family and the pets. It can’t be big and can’t bark on end. Please please help


answer : consider buying a good steady Cavalier King Charles. We can find one for you. Where do you live ?



I have two mini-pinscher house dogs (mom & son, approx. 4-8 yrs) and am thinking about getting a large guard dog. I have always had small, passive house dogs although I am not scared of large dogs. So I have two questions. 1. Which breed would be best to integrate into the current environment (1 adult female, 1 small female dog, 1 small male dog)? 2. Do I have to treat the new guard dog differently than my house dogs ? I’m NOT looking for an attack dog ! Just something that would make a burgler think twice before entering my yard/house. My yard is relatively small, but I can walk the new dog on a daily basis. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


answer : 1. it’s not a question of breed choice, but of individual dog choice. Take of course a deterrent breed, for instance a dobermann, a german shepherd or a rottweiler, the one you like the best for its silhouette, but select a good animal inside this breed. A steady, not fearful, not nervous, dog. And preferably a male, because you already own 2 females, which is enough as far as rivalry is concerned, because bitches do not have the same constant hierarchy mechanism than dogs.

2. as you are only interested in the presence of an impressive dog, treat him the same way than the others. I mean you must, yourself, be the leader of the pack. Control all dogs correctly.



recently our dog, Elrond, of 10 years, passed away from cancer. He was a family favorite and the ideal dog. We are looking into a new dog as a family pet and were wondering if you had any suggestions. Elrond was a male bichon. There are kids going in and out of the house so a dog that is good with children is necessary. We are looking for a breed of dog similar to the bichon frise with similar temperament and hypoallergenic. Elrond was a great dog although a bit barky at times. Any help would be appreciated in finding a dog like him.


answer : My best choice for a family and house breed is the King Charles Cavalier. Provided you do not take the only one bad dog in this breed !



After some research your advice on the King Charles Cavalier seems like a good idea. However, I am worried about allergies from its long hair. Also, how would I go about finding reputable breeders in my area to purchase a puppy. Im not interested in a show dog but health is a major concern. I know the best way to get a healthy dog is through AKC registered breeders. So, how would I go about this and what is a good price to pay for a Cavalier female puppy?


answer : even shops sell good healthy dogs, and breeders happen to sell ill puppies! The only way to be reasonably sure of your pup’s health is to ask your vet to come with you when you buy the dog. First select your puppy, at a breeder’s or anywhere else, then call for the vet. Of course, this expert must be paid for this work. But remember : you can find illnesses long after the day you buy the dog. He is an alive thing, and you always take some risk when you buy something alive. And allergies do not come from long or short hairs, but from allergenic causes. Today vets know how to detect and correct these allergy factors. For the prices, if you contact several places where pups are sold, you will see the medium prices in your area.



My husband and I have our heart set on a weimaraner puppy and any information you can give me about the pros and cons of this dog would be appreciated because I have heard so many mixed reports … Some say they are great with young children some say not, some say they go mental if you leave them alone at home ever, and some say you should train them to be on their own from a young age for a few hours a day so that they get used to it. Then I’ve heard that you should not have a kennel for these dogs even if you do keep them inside as they don’t like kennels, but how then if you go on holiday will they react to a kennel? I plan not to work when I have the puppy as I work far from home ( at least 45 min drive) and know that this would be unfair and would never work especially with a weimaraner !


answer : although pure breeds have certain general characteristics, there are more differences between individuals of any one breed than there are between breeds, so the most important thing is to choose your breeder with great care, choose a puppy that is not scared and has been well socialised, and to follow up with good training. Many people come to me with dogs of all breeds that ‘go mental’ and discover that it has nothing to do with the breed of dog and everything to with lack of technique on the part of the owner.




what kind of a dog do I got? He has the same color and build like a rottweiler but hes short and has a curly tell i think he is a rottweiler pup mixed with chow but i don’t know


answer : How can I give you a good impression? Send me a photo of your dog, with a common thing near him, in order to see his size.



…thus, my twelve-year-old son wants a King Charles Cavalier for his birthday. He is a serious person for his age. Should I accept, knowing that the two of us live in a small apartment?


Answer: you would be better inspired to offer him a dog for another reason than his anniversary . To reach one’s birthday date is no exploit, it is automatically made. On the other hand, if your boy obtained good notes at school, in a subject where he is usually weak because of his lack of work, the present would be more positive. Besides, a King Charles Cavalier agrees well in apartment. But please, require from your son that he takes part of his dog care. Do not become a compulsive victim of duty. Place your child in front of his responsibilities. And please, make your young man well understandthat a puppy is not a Tamagoshi electronic dog. One should take charge of it. One does not throw it to trash after some days…


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