Generally, people talk about a serious problem when the owner is ready to get rid of his dog because he no longer knows what to do.
The dog bites severely, or he keeps on barking, or perhaps he is badly scared by anything.
Is this your dog’s case? Stay confident. We have seen lots of terrible or terrifying dogs. When the owner has the commitment (because we cannot substitute to him inside his house), there is always something to do.
We sometimes find out that things are not so serious… But sometimes the situation is really dramatic.
Be aware that in no case does the solution come from use of physical abuse or shouts. We have learned this through years, having ourselves made these dramatic mistakes at the beginning of our career.
Today, after a well-conducted re-training (performed with our classical intensive I I/2 days basic course ), many dogs formerly described as « unsavables » quietly live at home, for more than 10 years sometimes.
Of couse, re-training only works if the owner forces himself to follow our -always humane- advice with determination and calm.
And owners of dogs whose lives we have saved are the ones who send to us, by word of mouth, more new customers!